DDR3: Mushkin Enh Redline vs. G Skill PI Series

DDR3 Mushkin Enhanced Redlines down to $185 after a $30 rebate :o


Any1 thinking of buying these over the popular G Skill PI Series 6 GB?

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  1. Both are good,the first one has better timings,whereas the second one has a lower voltage and is cheaper,the slightly higher timings of the first one doesn't justify the extra cost IMO,so go with the second one.
  2. Hi.

    The CL in both Mushkin and G.Skill is very similar, and the price difference is very low.

    Now both kits are very good but bear in mind which one of those fit in ur mobo if u have a cooler because the PI series is very high and can have some problems with some coolers like the NH-D14.

    I agree with Maziar because u won't see any big performance difference between the Mushkin and the G.Skill.
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