CPU Temps. Who to trust? Everest, Real Temp, Core Temp?

Hello people. I have an intel E7400 core 2 duo. The other day I installed everest ultimate and I get temperatures from 50°C on idle to 100°C on full load. That scared me so I installed other monitoring tools. Real Temp and Core Temp. I get temperatures of 39° to 74° in both of them. Which one is more reliable, since two programs show the same temperature I've read Everest is one of the best. Anyway I have never had any problems with this CPU and I've had it for over a year now.
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    I wouldn't trust those Everest temps; coretemp/realtemp sound much more in line with what to expect. Easiest way is to check Realtemp and see if the CPU throttles down at high reported temps...(automatic lock is at 100c anyway I think...)

    That being said, 74 is too high; really, I put the warning zone at 68C...I think i7's/i5's can safely go higher, but not C2D's...
  2. everest says my CPU is 19C.. I was worried it might be too low.. is everest generally higher than forreal or just different? or can I trust it?
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  4. I know the best answer has been selected but I just wanted to give props to Speedfan 4.40.....I have found it to be the best temp reader
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