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I'm using an ECS mobo with AMD 780g chipset and o/b Ati HD3200 graphics.
I had an Ati x1650pro and wanted to try it; but when i try to use it; computer boots normally but in the Windows screen it crashes; there's weird blinking lines and dots, i can't see desktop.

I've updated BIOS
Updated chipset drivers
Changed my PSU to a FSP 600 Watt psu


It boots in safe mode with x1650 pro. Nothing seems wrong.
It normally boots with o/b HD3200; i can see x1650 Pro in Hardware list. When i checked it from Ati software it lists x1650 as "Disabled Device"


ECS 780 GM-A Mobo
4 GB Kingston 800 MHZ RAM
AMD 5000 CPU
600 W PSU
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  1. Anyone?
    Any opinion?
  2. the card might be faulty, have you tested the card on another system? or there could be driver conflicts. but my guess is that the card is faulty.
  3. I couldn't test the card in another system yet but it works in safe mode. I think there's a problem with acceleration or resolution. Sometimes PC crashes and a BSOD says something like "Device Driver Caused an Infinite Loop" (While x1650 attached and connected to monitor, just after booting)
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