How long do overclocked graphics cards last?

if I were to say, overclock my radeon 6950 to 6970 specs (mine wont unlock :\ I plan to upgrade in a year- this card can run crysis/crysis 2 max settings 1280x1024 just fine so im happy- but still wanna have some fun :)

But if I were to OC a 6950 to 6970 clocks... with proper voltage included, how long should I expect it to last?

I did some gaming, and on stock- the temp never exceeded 67C, it has a very nice custom cooler on it by sapphire. :)
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  1. If you are on standard voltage and have those temps,
    you are not doing any harm to your card, it will be fine for a couple of years, not just one :)
  2. hehe, I may yet try to OC the card a bit and keep it below 80 Celsius =) if I can get stock 6970 clocks, I dont even need to care about the unlocked shaders as it would denote a less than 5 percent diff anyway. :sarcastic:

    EDIT: I could just buy a 2nd 6950 in half a year, but I might as well save 400 dollars for whatever is out in one year, it ill be remarkably better than whatever is out now :D
  3. I think you should OC as high as you can WITHOUT messing with voltage. "Proper voltage included" is a bad idea. Overvolted electronics are pretty unpredictable.
  4. Well im nearly 8 hours into prime95 with my 2600k @ 4.5 GHz with 1.32 VCore so that statement is only true some of the time. (although my cpu life time will be reduced a bit, im taking every precaution to extend it- offset voltage/clocks, etc...)

    But I've never OC'd a GPU before... would ocing without messing with voltage cause any instabilities? What program should I use to check for stability? (Without bricking it of course.)

    EDIT: "would ocing without messing with voltage cause any instabilities?" I actually meant 'long term damage' not instablities. :P

    EDIT: WELL I decided to quickly OC my GPU tonight and here is what my radeon 6950 was able to do WITHOUT unlocks! :P

    Stock volt and clocks and temps are...

    stock voltage- 1.100 VDDC
    stock core 800MHz
    Stock Memory 1250
    Temp- 67 average

    Stock Voltage- 1.180 VDDC
    OC Core 880 MHz
    OC Memory 1370MHz
    temp- 73 average

    Gonna run 3dmark to see if im rock solid, I wont be running this OC 24/7, might just do it a few times for fun in some games and just deal with stock clocks- I dont want my card dying on me in a month. :lol:

    btw there was no option for core voltage, just VDDC voltage. Furmark read my voltage as 1.180 so im not quite sure, are they one and the same? I appear stable enough for around 22 minutes in furmark. :ange:

    EDIT: Played crysis 2- got a 'splitscreen' artifact. Im staying at stock clocks, I can already tell this isnt worth it in the slightest. :lol:
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