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Hi guys.

I'm sorry if this is a simple question, but I've been looking everywhere and can't find an answer.

I have bought a 128GB Crucial M4 SSD and also a seagate barracuda 1TB HDD. I want to install my OS, games and other important apps on my SSD, and then use the HDD for things like music, videos, and less important programs.

My question is do I RAID these 2 drives? Is that even possible? and which RAID (0,1,5 etc.)

thanks, Dylan.
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  1. These drives should be installed separately.

    Go into your BIOS,

    1. reboot,
    2. hit"del",
    3. under sata controllers there should be an option to set your SSD to AHCI mode,
    4. enable hotswapping,
    5. save and exit.

    Do this BEFORE you install windows.

    Also, don't format or defragment your SSD. It will reduce life cycle of your SSD.

    You can use programs such SSD Tweaker. This will optimize your SSD automatically.
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    No you do not RAID your SSD and youR HDD together....that just plain wouldn't work.

    Well it might - but you would lose the speed of the SSD as well as about 800GB of your HDD.

    Your SSD (Crucial M4) should be used as your MAIN OS as it is much much faster than your HDD. When installing your OS, make sure ONLY your SSD is connected. Install OS on that.

    So to recap:

    SSD = your OS

    HDD = All your other files.

    Once done - you can install your HDD.
  3. thanks for the reply's. Ok but if the SSD is solely for the OS, i wouldn't need 120gb of space? When they're installed as seperate drives, do i still put games etc. on the SSD? or should i return the 128gb one and get a 64gb ?
  4. I wouldn't go lower than 120/128GB for an SSD.

    You can install your main games on your SSD - but depending on what you need/want you can always tell the game to do a custom install and install them on your secondary HDD if you would like, that way you can save space on your SSD.
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