Queson about my HAF 932 fans

I bought the HAF 932 by cooler master, i am going to be building a new system next week and i will be buying the corsair h50 to cool my cpu. My question is you have to put the radiator on the back of the back with the fan and they suggest you make it so that fan pulls air from outside into the case. Right now the fan is blowing out air. How how would you guys suggest me change my fans for best air flow?

1 120mm blowing air out the back
1 250mm pulling air in on the side
1 250mm pulling air in on the front
1 250mm blowing air out the top.

And i need to change the 120mm to blow air in the case.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day,

    Don't quote me on this but I would go with the back fan (120).
  2. I have the HAF 932. The stock case fan configuration is fine. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. Unfortunately I am not into water cooling so I can't answer your question about the radiator. :(
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