Which is better??

Hey guys.... just curious... which mobo below is best suited for hardcore gaming and xfire??



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  1. The biostar is the only one that will run 2 cards in crossfire both at 16X the other 2 will drop them to 8X if theres 2 cards.
  2. Hi.

    If u want a hardcore gaming rig, the recommended is the FX chipset since the 890GX also have to manages the onboard video that in the FX chipset is dedicated.
  3. Well, I plan to crossfire two 5770s. Those aren't exactly "high end". But will biostar still do better with crossfire over all? and how trustworthy are biostar products?????
  4. Hm.... if that's the case. It's really a toss-up between Gigabyte and Biostar since Gigabyte has USB 3.0 which the biostar lacks. Thanks a bunch for your assistance =)
  5. @Saint19 The onboard video can easily be disabled and the motherboard will forget about it until you manually select it for use...Correct me if I'm wrong though...
  6. No, u are right but personally I will not buy a mobo with onboard video for disable it.
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