Interesting network over powerline question

so i have an interesting setup question... i would like to use network over powerline (something like what netgear has to offer) to do the following:
- extend my ethernet cable over powerline AND
- extend my usb over powerline

is this possible to do with the following:
- here i imagine using usb to ethernet adapter to a port on the XAVB1004
- and also network cable from computer to another port of the XAVB1004
- on the "other side" i have the XAV101 with the cat5 cable going to a router
- on that router have ethernet to usb adapter to go into a usb hub to add my printer, and external usb harddrive
- on that router have cat5 to cable modem for internet connection.

would something like that work? thanks much in advance...
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  1. If your inside wiring in your house isn't decades old, the powerline box will extend your network.

    I'm not really sure what you mean about extending your USB as those are ports connected to the computer and has nothing to do with the networking.
  2. thanks for the reply
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