I've just set up SSD and HDD on my pc when I install the motherboard drives I then plug my HDD in the windows 7 startup screen takes ages before I can login it ok when I have just the SSD installed I got gigabyte raid config and intel storage on the disk would these be causing it
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  1. Wait what? Need some periods (.) and commas (,) in there bud. It's kind of hard to read with a run-on sentence like that.

    What is your OS on? Your SSD or your HDD?

    Do you mean whenever you plug in your HDD it makes your windows 7 startup slower?

    Give us your full system specifications.
  2. sorry lol im on windows 7 64bit ultimate.i installed my motherboard drivers disk with just my ssd in bootup seems fine and quick when i plug my hdd in to the motherboard it slows the windows 7 startup. do i need to set anything in bios to have ssd and hdd or have i set it up right

    i7 920
    6gb of ram
    64gb crucial m4 ssd
    radeon 6870
    motherboard gigabyte g1 guerilla
  3. It sounds to me that when you have the HDD installed to the system that it is booting off of that drive and not the SSD. You need to go into your bios with both of the drives on and set the boot order for the two so that the SSD is first and not the HDD.
  4. No it does boot lol but takes a while to it stays on windows startup for 2mins before I can login
  5. Ok that helps lol.

    Make sure your BIOS is set to AHCI mode.

    Also make sure your BIOS sees your secondary HDD.

    Also have you tried connecting your HDD to another port?

    One more thing you could try.

    Connect everything. Shut down your computer, disconnect it from the power cable, and now take out your CMOS battery (it looks like a watch battery) on the motherboard. Leave it out for about 15 minutes. Put it back in, and power up your system. Check your BIOS also to make sure AHCI is set.
  6. Does the other drive have Windows 7 on it as a boot drive as well or is it a blank drive?
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