Is DDR the same as DDR-SDRAM?

I'm selling this RAM on e-bay and one guy's CPUZ displays his RAM as "DDR" but mine displays it as DDR-SDRAM. and I was wondering if the stick I'm selling will work with his setup. his is running on the same specs though, which is PC3200 (200mhz).

just wanted to double check before I tell him my stick would be compatible when it's not.

also, high density vs low density. from what I've read high density is something that won't work on most PCs but low density does. is that correct? that's another confusing part about these old RAM. let me know thanks.
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    It'll work fine..
    I believe all DDR+ is considered SDRAM but might not have it written in.
    Here is an artical also:
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  3. thanks
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