Noctua NH-D14 Vs RAM Size?

Would I be able to have this CPU Cooler, and the regular sized set of Corsair Vengeance 8 GB RAM Sticks?

Or would I have to get a set low profile RAM sticks?

Also, do the low profile RAM sticks function any less than the regular Vengeance sticks?
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  1. honestly there is very little reason to get the ram with the tall heatsinks. Ram does not produce a enough heat that you would need to disappate it and there really is no performance boost to having the tall heat sinks. Some people like them for looks, though, so you have to decide if you're one of those people. I could not find a specific height on the tall Vengeance in the 3-4 places i looked. Unless you like the way they look so much that you're not willing to get the low profile, i would honestly get the low profile models if i were you.
  2. I am ordering my components too this week and I have read several reviews where the Noctua and my Evo 212 coolers can sometimes have clearance issues depending on memory + mobo. Check this link out, it is for the same type of memory you want but in low profile. I decided to go with this memory to ensure I don't have clearance issues either.
  3. Thanks guys. I found out that the Noctua NH-D14 isn't compatible with my Processor, which is socket 1155 (intel i7 3770k) so I have to sadly, search for another fan. However, I will be posting in a few minutes to find a similar fan for a similar price
  4. in the details tab lists compatibility with LGA 1155. not sure wher you saw that it wasn't...
  5. kelthic said: in the details tab lists compatibility with LGA 1155. not sure wher you saw that it wasn't...

    Oh, maybe it's just certain models that are only compatible with Socket 2011
  6. Yeah, that's the 2011 only model. They don't seem to have the standard D14 on that website either. Here is a link to the other model on Amazon UK
  7. Noctua more recently released a 2011-specific D14; the D14 for 1155 worked with 2011 but only after ordering a separate adapter bracket or something straight from Noctua. I guess 2011 socket users got a little tired of having to do this, so now there are separate D14's being sold - one specifically for 2011, and the other one for 1155, 1156, etc.
  8. In the past week I built a system using an 1155 socket, 16GB (4x4gb) Corsair Vengeance ram, and a Noctua D14. The CPU cooler fit on the motherboard just fine but the ram was an issue. A solution I found and used myself was to simply take the ram under a hair dryer for a min or two at a time, then slowly start separating the ram heatsink with a screwdriver. This took me about 15 minutes just to do one of them but it worked great. I only needed to do it for the ram stick which was closest to my CPU in order to get the actual heatsink to fit.

    Once it was time to put the outer fan onto the heatsink I did have to have it hang off the heatsink slightly, probably half an inch or so because the ram was in the way. It's very stable and everything works great but if I had known all this before actually buying the ram I would have gone with a low profile ram.
  9. i know this is really really really old now but ram does produce a lot and I mean a lot of heat my 8GB 2x4GB set averages just over 60° which is pretty hot I have overclocked it 2666Mhz 12-13-15-14 and I'm running at 1.65v default temps where around 20° but overclocking produces a lot more heat and I get a lot more speed from it in about as fast as a 16gb 2x8gb ddr4 kit @ 2400mhz and in read and write I'm much faster.
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