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I am having trouble with my Computer. I I have searched in the internet about the steps to make my PC with OS windows XP run fast but still slow. And always displaying the disk read error occured, press CTRL-ALT-DELETE to restart.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    First things first - let's find out what you have in there so people can advise on what you can upgrade or what you cannot.

    Go from Start to All Programmes then Accessories>System Tools>System Information.

    A form will show up that tells you and us all we need to know - nothing confidential, just the important stuff. Place the cursor anywhere in that form and press Control and A together then when the right hand pane is highlighted, press Control and C.

    Open a Reply box back here and press Control V to put all that information where we can see it.

  2. disk read error on an old windows xp computer? It's time to purchase a new computer my friend. any entry level desktop or laptop will probably run circles around your old computer. It's really impressive what $399 or $499 can get you nowadays.

    On another note, I recently refurbished a 7 year old Windows XP laptop. (it had no hardware problems)
    The #1 thing that really sped up the computer was I put Xubuntu on it instead of Windows XP and it really became a lot faster and much more usable.
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