I7 3770k - Which Cooler?

I plan on overclocking it in the future, and have up to £70 to spend. I am buying my components from ebuyer.com

Could anyone suggest a fan within my budget?
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  1. What kind of case will you use? The best coolers tend to be large and might not fit in a smaller case.

    From ebuyer.com's list, I think I'd pick the Noctua NH-U12P SE2. But again, only if it fits in whatever case you're using.
  2. 70 euros is liek 100 dollars right? get the thermal right silver arrow. its beast!! and it does better then the noctua d-14. trust me. my friends both have the i7 3770k and 1 has a silver arrow and the other has a noctua d-14 and the temp difference is by like 5-8 degrees. the thermal right silver arrow pwns. if you want something better, then get the exoensives water cooler. probably the h60 -80. the top air cooler compares to the decent water coolers. solike h40--60.
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