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I bought a ASUS CG5270 with Intel Core Quad its a huge case and what not well i started it up and everything was nice and great then i started to get an abnormal temp core reading on my cpu then a fan speed abnormality so i then realized i had the computer in a closed corner desk and it wasn't breathing so i took it out and the core temp has not giving me any warning and is usually between 49-55 but close to warning temp 60%, but i still have an abnormal fan speed it says my fan is spinning @ 800rpms and fluctuates drastically i noticed sometimes goes to 1700 but never exceeds 2k in the bios its running 2800 but the AI Utility that comes with ASUS is telling me its 800rpms. do u guys think i need i a new fan for my cpu i want to idle between 43-49 not 49-56 close to 60.
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  1. Check the hardware monitor section of the asus bios. You can increase the fan speed there sometimes by re- calibrating the fan.
  2. inside monitor section it shows me cpu fan and i hit enter and only option i have are to ignore it or keep it at the temp its running now.
  3. i did a bios update and it changed the alarm temp to 70% and my idle temp is 37 now i hope this doesnt just change the software portion of the problem and i hope my core temp is correctly at the temp its displaying.show the cpu temp ok now but speed fan is saying core2 and core0 are a bit hot @ 50-54% this normall?
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