Mcp61pm-am video not working

Stock eMachines T5062 with ECS MCP61PM-AM mobo.
The onboard video will not work. The fans spin, and the HDD spins, so it sounds like it is starting, just can't see anything on the monitor as it won't bring it out of standby. I tried using an older PCI video card and that didn't work either, but that could have been because I can't get into the BIOS to tell it to use it. There is a PCIe X16 slot, but I don't have one of those video cards to try not that it wouldn't have the same issue as above.
I even tried using another PS (one a lot better than stock that I know works). Same thing...

Should I just accept that the mobo is shot and if I want to keep this machine to replace that? Or could there be a fix that might allow me to use the machine still? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pull the motherboard battery for one minute with the system off. If it still won't post, then I would plan on replacing the board. has your board for $69.99. You can also go with a biostar 6150se am2+am3 board for $37.99 shipped at computer geeks. I've used this board, and it works fine, but you may have to use a different windows installation with it.
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