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Hey there,

I got a weird sound problem with my Asus M4A88TD-v Evo / USB3 motherboard.

Everything was working fine till i bought my 2nd ati HD 2900 xt graphic card. i wanted to run it with crossfire. i opend my pc and inserted the card and connected all the cables. i rebooted my pc and everything worked i thought. only 1 problem: my sound is gone :(

i use the green jack connector of the onboard soundcard. it worked fine untill i inserted the 2nd graphic card. now i tried to uninstall my drivers and installed them again. nothing......
i took out the 2nd graphic card and rebooted.. nothing.........
again i uninstalled the drivers and installed the drivers of the dvd deliverd with my motherboard. nothing.......

when i connect an usb plug & play headset i have sound. but i don't have sound from the back panel. when i connect a jack with it windows tells me that a connector is connected. the same when i take it out.

when i test the speakers there is obviously no sound but on my screen i can see the sound bar moving up and down.

please can someone help me figuring out an solution so that the back panel can be used?


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  1. I'm betting you installed the ATI driver that allows for sound from the GPU via HDMI, and your default playback device got switched. Pluggin in the USB headset pre-empts this, and makes the headset the default device.

    Check the sounds tab in the control panel, and make sure the right device is the default output device. That should fix the problem.
  2. ^+1

    I even had to reset my default sound output when I moved my sound card from one slot to another.
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