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I am trying to overclock my i5-3570k. I set it to 4.5ghz and the core voltage to 1.010 and now I can't get into my bios as it won't even load that far, the computer either runs for a minute or so and then shuts down but all I ever see is a black screen or it automatically shuts down and restarts to try again. How can I reset this so I can get back into my bios to try and fix it? I have the msi z77-gd55 mb. I know the mb has a reset button on it, an oc genie button for its auto oc ability, and a power buttuon on it, if any of those would be useful towards fixing the problem. Please help me, thanks.
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  1. I figured out how to reset the bios settings to default by jumping the cmos reset. Found out you can also take out your mb battery for about ten minutes with power completely off and unplugged and then replace it and it also resets the settings.
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