Crucial M4 Or Mushkin Chronos Deluxe?

Hey everyone I am looking for a 200+ GB SSD to store Win7 along with a lot of programs and some games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham city, etc. I am looking to pay under 400 dollars for it, so the 240 and 256gb drives are the ones I am looking at were the Crucial M4, Mushkin Chronos regular and the deluxe version. I will be using my HDD a Wd 640gb Blue drive as the storage for any videos, music or pictures.

The prices on Newegg right now are:

Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe: $384.99

Regular Mushkin: $354.99

Crucial M4: 364.99

These all three seem like very good deals to me.

My System:
Intel I5 2500k CPU
MSI Z-68 GD-55 MB
8GB Kingston Hyper X Ram
Evga Gtx 570 Classified GPU
Corsair 850w PSU
H60 Cpu cooler
Corsair 400r Case
640WD Blue HD

Out of these 3 drives does anyone have a similar rig and care to express how there drives are working for them? I have seen a lot of reviews on the drives, I know that the 0009 Firmware for the M4 Speeds its reads up quite a bit, and with Mushkin being late to the sata 3 ssd party I was wondering if there Firmware was less buggy with the Sandforce Controller? Plus I think that the Deluxe version has better NAND, is there anything else different between that and the reg mushkin? Or is that enough alone to make it worth getting. Thanks in advance for anyone who comments. :-)
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  1. I personally would go with the M4. I had a 64gb version that was solid on 00002 firmware for a year with no problems at all. I was so pleased I splurged and got the 512gb model. It has the 0002 also and still haven't had any problems. Just haven't got around to upgrading it yet but I believe its like a 40mb/s boost. It also has synchronous nand with is a HUGE plus. It does use the Marvel controller with is slower that the Sandforce 2281 that the mushkins use. However the Marvel seems a lot more stable. If you are going to go with the Mushkin I would definitely pick the deluxe as I think it's synchronous nand also as opposed to the regular version. Don't hold me to that but I"m pretty sure that's the case. However, of the sanforce controlled drives I know mushkin is one of the better ones. I hear from actual user I know. So I say M4 because I value reliability over speed. the M4 is plenty fast anyway and I doubt you could tell a difference other than benchmarks. Also newegg has a Crucial Raid promo on right now.

    My System:
    I7 2600K
    ASRock Z68 Extreme 4
    8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
    EVGA 570
    850W thermal take PSU
    Zigmatek air cooler
    NZXT Phantom White
    Crucial M4 512gb
    3 x WD black 2tb raid 5
  2. I also recommend M4 due to higher failure rates of Sandforce drive.
    I've got a M4 256GB w/009 and it's been running flawlessly,and I agree with kaddle51.You probably won't notice the speed difference between them.
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