MS 7525 (Boston) Compatibility Issue

Please forgive my lack of knowledge in the world of hardware, but I can't seem to figure this out. I have an HP p6210t with an MS-7525 Boston Mobo (no actual board name came from CPU-z) and I'd like the upgrade the CPU from a Dual Core E5300 to a Core 2 Duo E8400. The HP website here says the motherboard won't support the E8XXX series. HOWEVER, the motherboard apparently has a G31 Express Chipset. This link to the Intel site says that there are 2 compatible G31 boards for the E8400. Are either of these boards the MS-7525 Boston?

Does this info have anything to do with my question?
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  2. I would never recommend upgrading a mass produced PC. You'll see why and this is from my personal experience.

    The Story:
    I used to own a SR5548F and I bought a E7500 Core 2 Duo [2.93Ghz] to replace the E2200 [2.2Ghz]. I called customer service and they assured me the CPU was 100% compatible with my motherboard. What they didn't tell me was that the nameless motherboard [only code named] was so cheap that it capped the CPU speed @ 2.4ghz [per core]. I was devastated when I realized this because my E7500 would never reach full working potential on that board.

    The Explanation:
    Mass produced [pre-built] PCs usually uses very cheap mass produced motherboards. This is clearly reflected in terms of performance. i.e usually caps your CPU speed because it cannot operate faster. Meaning, no matter how fast a CPU you get; it will never achieve faster speeds than the speed cap the motherboard poses.

  3. @ DarkNe7h,

    The only option you have buy new motherboard micro atx that will support this E7500 processor, thats what i did to my hp computer.

    I hope this helps ? :)
  4. I am curious why it skips E5000 E6000 series cpus
    I have an E5300 in the server I thinking about testing it.


    MS-7525 (Boston)
    Figure 1: Motherboard top view
    •Manufacturer: MSI
    •Form factor: microATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)
    ◦Northbridge chipset: Intel G31 Express
    ◦Southbridge chipset: Intel ICH7
    •Memory sockets: 2 x DDR2
    •Front side bus speeds: 1333/1066/800 MHz
    •Processor socket: 775
    •Expansion Slots:
    ◦1 PCI Express x16 slot for graphics card
    ◦2 PCI Express x1 slots
    ◦1 PCI slot
    •For more details, see Boston motherboard specifications .

    Socket type: 775
    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:
    •Core 2 Duo E7xxx (Wolfdale-M)
    •Core 2 Duo E4x00 (Conroe)
    •Pentium E2xxx series (Conroe)
    •Celeron Dual Core E1xx0 series (Conroe)
    •Celeron 4xx series (Conroe)
  5. I know this question is old but would like to update it in case someone got same issue "like me"

    I have HP a6613 with same MOBO, MS 7527 boston and I already had E7200 cpu installed.

    I wanted to upgrade to E8xxx series which seemed incompatible but i bought from ebay E8500 used for around $20

    I installed it and it is working perfectly and noticed great increase in performance :)
    checked cpuz and even bios and everything good, getting max 3.16 Ghz
  6. This MS can use either the E8400 or E8500. I've successfully used both. You can pick on up on ebay used for around $10. Best $10 you will spend. It will revitalize our PC. I've also read from other that the used the E8600 successfully.

    Be sure to also download and upgrade to latest BIOS which likely will add the compatibility to the E8xxxx series Core 2 duos.
  7. The response from coffee coffee above is utter nonsense from someone with a clue about wht he istalking about. Disregard that clown.
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