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I am going to get back into the computer gaming scene. I stopped playing pc games for a long time cause I didn't have the money to build/buy a computer that was good enough. So I have recently decided to build (most likely) a gaming computer. I have read that one of the best/recommended cpu's is the Intel Core 2 quad. Assuming this is a good cpu and that I buy it, what would motherboard would you recommend I buy? I will almost for sure NOT be playing fps games (as what little fps games I do play I play on my xbox360) and will mostly be playing rts games (such as the total war series, or Stronghold 2, or American Conquest (old I know), possibly age of empires, etc. I do play one RPG called Mount and Blade, well have played at least haha.) So I will not be needing a computer to run games like left 4 dead, or far cry, modern warfare 2, etc.

So what would you recommend I buy for my computer? And this is expanding the question to pretty much all the components lol. So like what gpu would I need, motherboard, cpu, cooling system, hard drive, ram, case, etc. You guys are the experts here, so please give me all the advice you can. And I am hoping to ultimately spend under $1500, when all is said and done, so if I can pull this off without spending 2-3 grand that would be nice. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You can certainly get everything you want for under $1500; however, we still need more information to give you advice. Please read the sticky at the top of this forum "How to ask for advice" (or something like that). A few very important pieces of information:

    1) How soon do you look to purchase?
    2) How long do you see this rig needing to last before your next major upgrade
    3) What components do you already have?
    4) What is your monitor resolution?
    5) Is there any specific functionality or extras that you want? (ie - must be quiet, must be in a MicroATX case, must have a blu-ray player, etc)
  2. 1) Well I am looking to put this together over the next several months, give or take.
    2) I would like it to last me at least a year or two
    3) I have no components (except for maybe a mouse and keyboard)
    4) I have a laptop and so would need to buy a monitor. I know that you can get ghosting with LCD monitors, but I don't really like the size of CRT monitors. What would be the best?
    5) The only thing at this point is I want it to be relatively quiet. I have no case preference or need for a blue-ray player.
    6) I would probably buy the parts from or
    7) I would sort of prefer an intel cpu, but if an amd would be better, than by all means let me know. Other than that, I have no parts preferences.
    8) I would definitely overclock if the cpu was capable of doing so, and if it could save me some real money. I'm just not sure how to tell if a cpu is good for overclocking or how to go about overclocking so....
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    Hmm i was going to suggest a HD 5850 but to your credit you elaborated the kind of games u play and i have a better idea what gamer profile you fit hehe The good news is this little project could be done under even $1k nvm 2-3k lol
  4. Alright cool, now I'm really getting somewhere. Just a couple of quick questions. 1) Would it be possible/worth it to get a less expensive cpu, overclock it and get just as good of performance? 2) Does this setup include enough fans for cooling? 3) Would this be pretty quiet, cause based on playing games back in the good ol days, and I hate that loud hum lol.
    4) Oh, and how upgradeable is this setup....not that I'm going to be dropping in the latest gpu in the next 3 months but u kno. haha
  5. 1. Of course u can and the Athlon2 X4 620 would be the prime suspect - just that 955BE and that crossfire capable Asus 790X combo is just too juicy to pass up lol

    2. Yes it does but you can also add after market cooling if u wish

    3. For stock speeds neither chip nor GPU is gonna be so bad as be deemed a leaf blower so no worries

    4. This config is specifically built to be expandable i.e
    a. Soilid 80+ PSU with healthy amps on the 12V - a single HD 5870 would run fine later
    b. A black edition unlocked multi chip - get an after mkt cpu cooler and clock away if u feel like it
    c. 2 x PCIex16 2.0 slots on mobo for crossfire - add another same card (but i advocate a single GPU solution hehe)
  6. Sweet man, this is definitely better than what I was expecting (price wise). Thanks a lot man for your help. I will hopefully have this put together in a couple months.
  7. Oh, one quick question. Which web site is better, or
  8. Either is fine but since the combos are sweeter on Egg - i used that for my suggested config hehe You are welcomed
  9. Batuchka's build is very good, one little critique I will make: The Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB is a slightly better hard drive for the same price; however, they are all sold out right now because of Black Friday. If you can wait a week or so, it wouldn't be a bad swap.

    And yes, for what you want, the AMD AM3 socket is what you're looking for. For overclocking you will probably want an aftermarket cooler. This website ( is a little outdated, but a good place to start your search. The Hyper 212 Plus would be fine for mild-moderate overclocking, and it runs about $40 (make sure the AM3 mounting hardware comes with the one you purchase).
  10. You can definetly run games like left 4 dead, or far cry, modern warfare 2, etc. with under 1500$ budget, it doesnt take 3 grand -.-
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