I7 2600k stable overclock from 3.4GHZ to 4.7GHZ with the asus p8z68-v pro mother

Hello, I'm new to overclocking.I want to overclock my cpu to 4.7GHZ(also memory and integrated intel 3000 gpu.) Can someone please give me a complete tutorial on how to safely do so? Thanks a lot for help.
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  2. Hello, after I post this question I went straight to youtube and followed an overclocking tutorial from Asus for i5's and i7's with the p8p67 pro and sometimes when rebooting my system I get a failed overclocking screen. Sometimes, also though, my system boots up just fine-seemingly anyway. What is this all about? Please help. Should I just reload default bios settings from the first setup screen in the UEFI followed by using the tutorial you gave me? Also, I have already did a clean install of windows. Thanks a lot.
  3. what all have u done? voltage, clocks, etc. be detailed.
  4. Everything seems to be working beautifully after resetting the bios to default settings. I'll now just simply follow those the overclocking tutorial here. Thanks. It is great to have help available in things I am ,by no means well versed in. Take care.
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