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what is the best cpu cooler to overclock my AMD Phenom 2 x4 965, my case is a CM Storm Scout
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  1. This article seems to be accurate with what I have read
    I think the Scout will accomodate the largest of HSF's (my impression - don't know for sure) but your concern will be ram clearance, some of those things are massive and almost completely cover the ram banks. If you have tall heatsinks on your ram, your choices become far more limited
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    Are you looking to air cool or water cool your machine? The coolermaster 212EVO is extremely hard to beat at less than $ performs as well as those listed above within 2-3C and for a LOT less money...IMO...there's no way to justify 2-3 times the price for just a bit more cooling and I mean just a bit!!

    Now if you are talking water coolers...the H100 seems to be a very nice's what I use in my rig...2700K, Super tower...and it is a beast at temps are fantastic...the H80 has had a few glitches and the Antec 620 water cooling kit seems to be fairly decent as well!

    Just go to newegg and read the reviews on these...any one of these is pretty darned fine performers...but read the reviews for yourself and make a decision based on what you're comfortable with!!

    At least it's a start!!! And what C12friedman recommended to read is pretty darned decent as well...just expensive...on air!! the noctua $85 and up...the Prolimatech is also very all depends on your taste and what YOU feel comfortable with...

    Hope this helps a bit on making a decision!

    Post back and let us know what you chose!! Please:) we wanna know...:)
  3. this really depends on your budget as tekman42 said the 212 evo is very hard to beat performance per dollar from what i know the 212 evo is right on par with the corsair h60 liquid cooling unit. but then on top of these there the noctua nh d14 for the top line of air cooling, h100 for the top of prefilled ready to go liquid coolers ,than with liquid cooling your options are pretty much limited to your imagination and budget there. so many blocks,rads,pumps and fans to choose from it comes down to personal preference, very loud and cool with high overclocks,in between, or very quite with moderate overclocks
  4. Explain please...
  5. explain what?
  6. @OP :) Need him to explain moar on his needs etc.
  7. oh,yes i agree lol
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