Antec Six Hundred review for cmb

I bought Antec's newest gaming caseSix Hundred. I took lots of photos, ubmitted them to cmb, you can Read it here, Antec Six Hundred case review

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  1. Nice review and pictures of the Antec 600. It still hasn't changed my mind on the looks of the case. I still like how the 902 & 1200 look compared to the 600 or 200.
  2. Agreed.

    The 902 does have removable HD bays while 600 doesn't. The HD bays are similar to CM Stacker. 120mm fan will attached to rear of bay, you remove them through the front, and change location if desired. The 902 has Black chassis, 600 grey. Other than these 2 differences, Both the 600 and 902 have the same built-in fan speed controller and led on/off switch. Overall, I'd chose the 902 for easier access to HDs.
  3. New top grill design concept for the Antec 600

  4. We finished the new vented top piece to replace the Antec 600's "moonroof"

  5. Alright I'll go out on a limb here, its extremely ugly...

    Nice review though.
  6. Yes, I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me.
  7. Doing a Sci-fi theme design for the 600, well it feels that

    goodbye Plexi window...hehe

  8. The new 3x 120mm front intake for the 600.

  9. Ok, time for the 902 to grab the spotlight for awhile. This is House Of Kolor Candy Apple Red.

    Yep same color we're painting the Corsair 800D case here!

    The color sample book of the Paint Gods, HOUSE OF KOLOR

  10. the case is butt ugly - i think the improvements will help.
    but really i liked the older more squarish antec cases. that new one is OOOOOOOGELYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :puke:
  11. Photos of the Antec 600 panels and front bezel a few hours after clear coating. I really love this color. It will be great contrast to the machined aluminum features we created!

  12. I got swamped, so I didn't have much time for taking photos before shipping it out. I still need to edit the 902 photos too!

    The exterior finish is a custom mix of Silver Metallic and Gloss Black PPG automotive paint. I absolutely love how this color came out. I would consider painting a car this color... We imagined it on a `68 - `72, Chevelle, Malibu, Nova, or GTO. This case mod was inspired by my love for Hot Rods if you couldn't

    360 Turbine style front intake was made from 3/4" thick aluminum. The design was inspired by the "Nautilus" Overkill 120mm fan grill.

    Each of the 120mm Turbine Fans is 2000 rpm, 79.4 cfm @ 30 dBA.

    The vented side panel was cnc milled from 3/16" thick billet aluminum. "Antec - Believe it" logo is engraved in the surface.

    The Antec 600's smoked acrylic moon-roof was replaced by this vented billet panel.

    The honeycomb grill was also custom painted. A remote 3-speed switch is mounted in the rear of the chassis that lets you balance the 200mm fan's performance. You can also switch off the Blue LEDs.

    120mm Turbine fan's chrome plated prop-spinners.
  13. awesome work monstermawd i love it :love: :love: :love: :love:
  14. sorry...that case is fugly. but i think you managed to make it somwhat nice :) HUGE IMPOROVEMNT
  15. i know i already said that...but i just cant get over it.
    you turned antec's ugliest case into an amazing thing that i would like to have :lol:
    but anyway...GR8 JOB!
  16. Thank you shovenose. It was a lot of fun to mod :)
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