Can I use a ATX power supply without a ATX motherboard or case?

Alright, im Tech impaired and am quite noobish out of GPU's. I want to get a new power supply ( ) but it sais the requirements is a ATX motherboard and ATX case. Does it mean a ATX branded motherboard or case? Because i'm pretty sure its not ATX. Help please.
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  1. ATX is a design specification. Pre -ATX cases had powerswitches that were moe like a light switch. You press in the switch and it stayed pressed in until you pressed it again to turn it off.

    Look at the motherboard connector and make sure it has the same number of pins as the one on your motherboard. two rows of 12 or two rows of 10
  2. ATX is not a brand name. ATX refers to an international standard for computer components which makes it easy to swap parts.

    The Power King ATX Power Supply features a 20+4-pin ATX power connector which means it was designed to work with atx motherboards.

    I checked several resources. That power supply is a discontinued model. Detailed specifications are incomplete. I could not find any competent technical reviews. I also checked a huge manufacturer's database but came up blank. I cannot recommend that psu.
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