Overclocking i5-3570k, multiplier won't change

I'm trying to overclock my i5-3570k to 4.5ghz. I am using an MSI z77-gd55 MB. In the bios everything looks right, it says the cpu is currently at 4.5ghz and the settings show the ratio at 4500mhz, I have the Vcore voltage at 1.25V. However CPU-Z still only shows x34 for the multiplier and it never gets above 3400mhz even when running prime95. The voltage is almost correct showing 1.20V, however when I run prime95 it actually drops a little to around 1.90. I have all the power saving settings disabled in the bios that I know of. Am I missing something that is throttling my OC?
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  1. I never did have any luck using a fixed voltage for my 2600K. Works great with Offset though. -0.005 for 4.4 ghz, and +0.040 for 4.6
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