USB ports and Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Issue

I installed a Dell Optiplex 755 mobo with new processor into my old Optiplex 745 case. The mobo and processor are the only changes. The new mobo was immediately recognized by Dell as a 755 with a recent BIOS version on board. OS is XP Pro (32bit)3 SP3. During POST I can hit the F12 key of my Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 (USB) to get into setup and use my wireless keyboard no problems. However, once saving and exiting, the green LEDs on the wireless receiver plugged into any USB port stops responding. Once the computer gets to the Windows XP booting screen there is no juice to the keyboard/mouse reciever. No green LEDs. Nothing.

It shouldn't be the mobo since the peripheral works fine in the POST DOS mode. The Logitech website support was useless. Is it a BIOS/setup issue that I'm not aware of?

I'll post in the Dell community support forums too. I will report back if I receive a logical response.
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  1. veemike said:
    I installed a Dell Optiplex 755 mobo with new processor into my old Optiplex 745 case....

    I just posted in the Microsoft Windows community forums. The more I think this through, the more I believe this is a Windows issue. Clearly, if all USB ports have power and functionality while in the F2 - Enter BIOS, or F12 - Enter Set Up, but not after exiting with Windows continuing to boot, then it is the Windows boot process that is causing the problem of dead USB ports.

    If only I could get past the Windows Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen and into System Manager, maybe I could see where or what the problem is.

    Does anyone know if a boot disk with certain drivers or other files would get my USB ports working to get into a Windows diagnostic environment? I do have an emergency floppy boot disk and the OEM System Restore CD.
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