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Hello guys/girls,

I am currently experiencing with a VGA cord. I have tried using a DVI (Had 2 cords and tried both of them) and the computer did not even detect the moitor hooked up. I then tried using the vga cord with the DVI connector (My ati 5850 does not have VGA port so i had to use a connector) and the computer sees it but no display. I can move my mouse over to the screen and even configure the resolutions in my display properties but i can not see anything; it is just a black screen. Can anyone give me any input on what would be causing this not to work?
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  1. Is the vga monitor plug and play ? if not try downloading drivers for it.
    It sounds like this is old or defective. Does it works as the primary monitor? Also check the resolution and refresh rate. start off with 640x480 60hz. next would be 800x600 60hz
  2. It does NOT work as a primary. I have changed the resolution and refresh rate to try every combination, sitll no luck. I searched the internet and looked for drivers for it (Acer P191W) but there are none or any that i can find. The thing is, the monitor worked with my old graphics card (ATI 4800) but not my new one (Ati 5850.)
  3. Update

    I found a driver for vista but it does not have a .exe to install it. It only comes with 2 folders with 3 files in each. 1 Folder is called LAA and the other LAQ. BOTH have the same files in them. They all 3 are listed as p191w; However, the types are different and none can be executed. One is a Security Catalog, ICC profile, and Setup Information. Anyone know how to install this?
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