Interested in Ocing my 970

I have been toying with the idea of OCing my 970, thought I have heard that the gulftown doesnt OC that well.
I have searched for hours on guides of how to do it on my current setup to see what others have achieved, but the only things I find are epeen strokers who post videos of their rigs actually running without a single mention or shot of their actual settings to achieve said overclock.

If any of you can help advise me, that would be great. Thank you in advance.

My setup:

Asus Sabertooth x58 motherboard
12 gb of Corsair xms3 ram
Corsair h50 or h70 (cant remember) Liquid cpu cooling kit

current temps I get are idle around 28-30c and max out at 48 or so under load.

The few Overclocks I tampered with my messing with BLCK and Multiplier and voltages have seemed stable, but get my temps to the high 70's, which is not good.
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  1. 21 views and no suggestions?
  2. You will find that a lot of folks read posts and don't reply, maybe no time or not enough knowledge to answer your query, I wouldn't get offended by it :)

    How many fans do you have on the H-cooler?
    they aren't the best to be honest but are a decent enough cooler to be clocking with, at least at lower levels.
    I can't offer any help on Gulftown clocking I'm afraid other than the old 'Google it'
    but if you can keep your Baseclock close to its starting point 100, and up the multi, stability should be easier to attain, lowest voltages possible will reduce heat and make sure airflows rocking of course,
    hopefully someone more Intel-savvy can throw in some pro-tips and get you cooking though :)
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