Logon error command length is incorrect

Hi community. I'm having an issue. Yesterday I updated my windows iahve a class that requried me to download MSE, but upon installation I received a error message, something. About filter roll not installed. I went to the Microsoft website downloaded the file frmthet. I restarted as normal a. I got to the log in screen, attempted to log in and received this message logon error command length is incorrect. I was reading other post from different sites and. I came across a possible solution using Ubuntu. Will this ork? How would I go about getting it to work? Is there another solution?

I'm running windows XP professional SP 2
I do not have the windows disc.
If you have any reasonable solutions I will be happy to try them.
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  1. can you get into Safe Mode?

    what about Register Restore?

    how about upgrading to SP3?
  2. Hi emerald. I appreciate the quick response
    I'm not able to acesse the safe mode. I do not know what register restore is. How would I be able to upgrade to sp3, when I'm unable to gain entry to the computer? My mother has a computer and if possible I would be able to make data disc with Sp3 on it and have my computer boot from the CDROM drive. But all I can do is turn the system on, watch it load, get to my log in pAge, and that's when I run into issues.
  3. If you have not tried to boot into last known good configuration then, I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below to boot into last known good configuration.

    a. Restart the system and then keep tapping F8 till you reach the boot options.

    b. Select ‘last known good configuration’ from the boot options and then press Enter.

    c. Let us know whether you are able to boot to the system without any issues.
  4. Thnnx again. That was the first thing I tried. The last know good configuration. I get to the password screen and again I get the same error. I'm doing a search currently on fixing the issue and found nothing.
  5. http://www.faultwire.com/solutions/using_system_restore_xp.php

    choose: Recovery Console and System Restore from Windows XP boot CD

    read instructions and choose: Manually Restore Registry via a Restore Point
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