Any idea when prices will come back down to earth?

The prices on hard drives are nuts and i have seen people post about some flood? is that really enough to effect the price this much?
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  1. guess that's what happens when you put too many of your eggs in one basket. might take 6 or 8 month's before things come back to normal".
  2. Yeah, I read it would take at least a month just for the water to recede. Add in cleanup time and rebuilding... it can take a while.
  3. Yep.
  4. I've been gearing up for a new build. Was going to put 2 2TB Seagate Barracuda's in it, but I see they are now a mind numbing $250 a piece on Newegg!! That's outrageous. They were like $140...
  5. thank god someone else noticed this. I thought I was insane last night. haha. Just bought a computer with a seagate 1tb 7200rpm 6gb/s drive for $54. It is now $140. I was extremely confused! Thanks for ensuring my stable mental health :D
  6. I guess I can sell all the used drives I have now for higher prices, when did they shoot up this much?

    80 gig drives on newegg are selling for what 1TB drives did last time I looked.
  7. This will definitely raise demand for SSD's, and therefore prices as well. Anyone on the fence of buying an SSD vs. hard drive will almost certainly go SSD now given the increased price of hard drives relative to SSD's. The price will eventually respond to the increase in demand.

    Really crappy time to be planning a new build, especially one that was going to have a pretty extensive storage system.
  8. It is a scam as Thailand is not the only country that manufactures hard drives. Drives are also made in Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, etc., and some are from Japan as well.
  9. I bought a 80GB Intel SSD for my HP Mini110-3500 Netbook on the Black Friday sale.

    Put it in, only to realize that the Netbook came with a WD Scorpio Black 250GB drive .... Looked on Newegg, and those are currently selling for $129.99 :) More than half what I paid for the netbook!
  10. got 3x 2TB USB2 Externals Hitachi last week for $100 each at a compusa store saw 3TB USB2 Externals Hitachi at $150 but all the other HDD were still high.
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