What's the Most Powerful Low-Profile Video Card Around.

I'm building a Slim/Low-Profile Micro ATX PC to bring with me for the spring semester of college. I've chosen Slim Micro ATX because my dorm is pretty small and every inch matters. Also the case is pretty good and expensive case, It's a Lian Li PC-C37 muse, but was given to me as a gift during a goin' out of business sale. The case supports a Regular ATX PSUs.

My only problem is that the case only supports Low-profile cards. I want the most powerful low profile card out there, but the best thing I've found so far is the ATI Radeon HD 4650, Radeon HD 4550 the Geforce 9500GT and Geforce GT 220. I know the 4650 is the better of the 4, but I'm not sure if there's something better. Also I'm not sure if in the next couple of months if ATI is gonna release a low profile HD 5xxx Series card or if Nvidia is gonna release another better card. If they do then I will wait and just use the onboard video until then.

My hardware Choices so far are:
AM3 Phenom II 720

Stuck between a micro atx AM3 sli capable board and crossfire capable board. (For future upgrades)

PC Case
Lian Li PC-C37 Muse

-More info such as Crossfire and Sli ready would be nice, and yes I can run it I already own a 600watt 80plus Crossfire/sli Ready PSU.
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  1. In terms of performance, the 9800GT would be the best, heat and noise may be another consideration. The 9600GT may be another good choice.

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