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Hello Folks,

I am looking to upgrade the hard drive in my laptop. I have looked at SSD drives but the scale of cost to size just isn't there for me at the moment. Instead I am looking at Hybrid drives as they provide ample storage and have read write speeds not that far behind SSD's. The drive family I am looking at is the Seagate Momentus XT's.

I am pretty set on getting one but i would like it to last quite a while. My concern is that with the 4gb of SSD in the hdd it will be constantly wrote to and degrade fairly quickly. I appreciate there is wear leveling on the chips but I don't want to buy it if it is going to crap out after a year or so.

Could some one explain how they work?

The way im looking at it there is 2 ways of doing it. hot and cold data stored in different areas of the drive dependent on usage and such, much the same as the the OCZ PCI-E hybrid drives.


Or, all data being accessed is moved temporarily to the SSD section and remains there until shut down when if needed it is "archived" back to the magnetic section. This method (if it is infact a currently used method) would surely wear the SSD chips out faster.

Any pointers or explanations would be appreciated.

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  1. The flash memory is not used as a write buffer, which is the second thing that you described. It's used to store a copy of the most frequently read data, so that you get amazingly fast access to frequently used data like the core of the OS, your favorite games, and pictures of your dog.

    As a result, it should be fairly durable. The actual benefits are, in my not-well-researched opinion, spotty.
  2. Just remember that if you defragment, the 4gb cache gets reset. So might want to set defrag on manual instead of windows 7 default auto.
  3. cheers WyomingKnott, I think I will pick one of these up now.


    Thanks Supermuncher85 that's a top tip right there.

  4. Luke,

    Did you end up getting the new drive? If so, what are your impressions?

    I'm considering the same thing.

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