Best "Low Power" PCI-E Video Card (no 6 pin connector)

I'm looking for suggestions on a good low power video card. (one that doesn't require a 6pin PCI-E connector) any suggestions?

the main game this will be used for is flight simulator X

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  1. FS X is a CPU dependent game but works actually a little bit better with nvidia gpu´s.
    The best low power card to date is though ATI HD4670 but you might want to look at the new GF 220/40gt gpu´s as well I am not familiar enough with them to comment.
  2. There are a couple of 9800GT and 9600GT low power versions that do not require a 6 pin power connector. Here's one listed, there are others.
  3. Thanks dirt......only thing that worries me is the brand name (I have never even HEARD of Palit....)

    anyone use one of these before?

    any other suggestions?
  4. Go for ever without 6 pin connector.
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