SATA 1.5 2TB Hard Drive not showing up in Asus P8Z8-V Pro BIOS

I plugged my sata 1.5gb/s hard drive into my motherboard and it won't show up in the BIOS. I'm 90% sure I plugged it in properly; it's plugged into the Intel SATA 3gb/s port and the power is also plugged in. What's wrong here?
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  1. Broken drive? Can you try it on another motherboard? Did it work yesterday, on the same mobo?

    Some few motherboards require that each port be activated in BIOS before a drive on it can be used, but that's usually Dell motherboards.
  2. I should add that it's from an external hard drive. I put it back in its enclosure and it works fine. It just doesn't work when I plug it into the mobo and psu.
  3. Now that is unusual. Let me know if you find the answer.
  4. What is device manager and computer management showing?
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