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Hi All,

I am planning on building my first new system and was looking to purchase a ~120gb SSD device to run my OS and some games/applications. I would be used a standard HDD for data storage.

I have been reading so many negative reviews regarding SSD drives across all manufacturers. Many of the complaints seem to be related to needing to upgrade firmware, but even by sorting reviews at NewEgg and Tiger Direct for more recent reviews it seems like a very mixed bag. I don't have the knowledge or desire to spend a ton of time BIOS diving on a regular basis to make changes or tweaks. Once everything is all set up, I want it to just work.

So, my question is what manufacturer/model do you all more knowledgable folks recommend currently? I am planning on buying/building my system in the next few weeks.

I sincerely appreciate any help.

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    I believe the crucial m4 is currently the most stable one. After updating my firmware (which gives significant performance gains, despite voiding warranty) I have not had to do anything at all to it.
  2. Crucial M4:

    I don't know why, but it doesn't come with a mounting bracket, so if you're on a desktop you need to buy that too.
  3. I would look for a review on a drive/controller/sysboard tested together. My first ssd was a force 3 series on a gigabyte board that ended up having the random bsod, then the drive dropping out altogether until a hard power down. Through a series of rmas, and finally ending up with a diff drive altogether my system is fine, but it didn't end up having anything to do with firmware, the parts I had just would not work together for an extended time without issues.

    They did just release yet another firmware update on the force 3 series drives, but I don't want to think about going through that whole process again.
  4. I can't say that I have really seen many reviews that lump the drive/controller/sysboard in together. Where should I be looking for that? I am planning on using a GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 (
  5. Not really sure, I just know I tried to research this as well and ended up with headaches for 2 months before getting a diff drive altogether and still have that force 3 120g sitting on the shelf in an unopened box after repeated rmas.
  6. Force 3 uses sandforce controller which does have issues in some setups. Crucial M4 does not have this problem.
  7. There are some pretty major differences in speeds between those two, but I definitely will not be using another force 3 drive regardless of what the specs are rated at.
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