Phenom II X2 550 Partial unlock?


I am able to unlock my phenom, and I even booted into knoppix just fine. My problem is I can't boot into windows. I booted into linux and got it doing cpu intensive task but it won't make it past the windows 7 splash screen. Running Windows 7 x64 on a Biostart 790GX 128M am2.

Any help would be appericated!
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  1. Did it work before you unlocked the cpu?
    Linux is more stable on processors so its possibly bad low quality cores that were shut off and while linux can run off them windows can't.
    It's a crapshoot on unlocking cores. sometimes they were shut off because they didn't meet the grade for a better processor, other times because they just needed stock for the lower end version. You probably got one with a bad core that was delibrately locked.
  2. Yeah, I understand that could(probably) is my scenario. I just wanted to ask before I said meh and walked away from the table. I was really excited to do the unlock.
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