How to get my headset+mic to work on windows 7?

I have a pair of Tritton AX360. The way this headset plugs in is the headphone and the microphone plug into a small box, which connects to the motherboard through toslink (the headphone and the microphone join in the box and connect to the motherboard through 1 toslink cable). However this headset was released a while ago and I don't think it has windows 7 drivers. It recognizes an input from the toslink and the headphone works, but I can't get the microphone to work. anyone got any ideas?
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  1. Your Tritton headset should not require any drivers.
    The DAC is fully independent and only needs to be connected to the TOSLINK output.
    Also, the microphone is a clip-on analogue type.
    No special drivers at all are needed for either.

    What I would recommend is to connect your headphones directly to the 51 analogue outputs using the G9-PC Adaptor.
    Connect the microphone to the proper input using the Microphone Extension Cable.

    As your onboard sound undoubtedly has a higher quality DAC, this should give you the best possible sound quality from your setup.
    It will also give you full 5.1 surround while gaming (onboard audio is not capable of encoding game audio past stereo while outputting to TOSLINK).

  2. thanks for the reply. I'm putting my pc tower 35 feet away from my monitor. I've already got the keyboard, mouse, monitor and headphones working but I can't find an extension for a mic that is 35 feet long. any suggestions?

    I can't bring the computer closer than 30 feet for many reasons so please don't recommend me to do that. thanks in advance.
  3. lmao that long, u may get a lot of noise, absorbed through the cable.
  4. Quite probably...
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