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Hey guys I would very much appreciate it if you could reccomend a build for me. I do not plan on playing any games on it quit frankly. I might end up using it as an HTPC. So HD video playback is must. Optical audio sound port please. I also notice gaming pc builds around 600 so I think it can be possible to go lower than that.


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Watch HD video from the pc on my Samsung 32"

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, OS, monitor, speakers


PARTS PREFERENCES: a small case.. if it is a big price difference in a tower and something smaller then I'll settle for a tower.. but a smaller size would be nice

OVERCLOCKING: no overclocking or sli/crossfire

MONITOR RESOLUTION: my tv is 720p but um i think the actual resolution is something like 1360×768

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I wouldnt mind a quite pc... my xbox and ps3 make enough noise as it is lol.

Thanks a bunch guys, I appreciate it!
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  1. Sub $400 quadbox 4u?
  2. that looks like a nice build, but I'm not so sure I like the case.. could this one work?
  3. Yes it would but the
    Flex ATX 150W does not inspire confidence in me as there is no concrete data about its build quality, capacitors used, yada yada

    Alternatively if u like shoebox casings - they fit standard ATX PSUs (on top of better cooling options) which will serve u well with a quality one selected :P
  4. That RAM is sold out, and most likely won't be back at that price. Expect to drop $30 more for similiar DDR3 1333 sticks. There's no performance gain for 1600 RAM over 1333, so you might as well save some cash.
  5. clipt said:
    that looks like a nice build, but I'm not so sure I like the case.. could this one work?

    That case wouldn't work simply because the PSU would block half the motherboard. You could go with an APEVIA QPACK

    But of course use the Corsair PSU rather than the cheap one it comes with :D.
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