Comparisions of i5 core 2 quad core2 duo

i am interested on taking a new pc which should have the following features:
i am very much interested in using my pc for gaming(nfs shift,dragon age......)etc.
so, please suggest a processor and motherboard which would sync perfectly. also please do suggest a good graphic card with the above requirement.
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  1. In order to suggest, please answer these 2 questions:

    -What is your budget for the processor / graphics card?

    -What is your screen's resolution?

    In fact, graphics card power can't be measured by the size of video memory, almost all new graphics cards (except for the budget ones) have 1 GB of ram but that does not mean at all that they are equal (or even close).
  2. Basket is correct and asks good questions. You will have to give us a budget, as well as a local retailer we can look at if you are not in the US.

    Are you attempting to build this yourself? If so you left some parts out.. Perhaps you should just be purchasing a new system... (which we would also be happy to advise you on)
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