Need new computer for trading. Need advice.

Im getting a new computer for trading. I need higher end equipment. I connect to 2 different data feeds for 2 different apps. The apps i use and some excel sheets ive created using VB can use a lot of system resources at times. Im also using 8 monitors( 4X24" and 4 x 22"). I plan on getting 6gigs of DDR3-1600 ram and was thinking about getting one of the new i7 cores. Either the i7- 920, 940 or 960. Im also planning on getting the velociraptor 10k HD's and nvidia nvs450's for graphics. Windows7 is a must just not sure if im going 64 bit or not. Does anybody have any recommendations for mother boards and power supplies. Any other recommendations or tips would be appreciated. NOt sure if I should bother with liquid cooling or not either and things like
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    the i7 920 i think is the best bet. Its easily over clockable to nearly 4 Ghz

    Win7 64-bit should be the Operating System of choice unless your running some really old peripherals on it.

    On the PSU, use a site like to figure out what power requirements you need. Just don't buy an 'off brand' PSU. Buy a reputable brand, so it won't crap out in 2 years.
  2. no reason at all to get anything higher than a 920. you basically pay a load extra for a slightly overclocked chip.

    it sounds to me like an i7 is totally overkill for what you are doing, but of course its a call you have to make yourself. don't waste money on anything higher than a 920 though. an 870 performs similarly for less, and an i5 750 is almost excatly the same in all but the most heavily threaded apps.
  3. If you go with ATi eyefinity cards, you'll only 3 as opposed to 4...

    Look for a motherboard with enough PCIe slots.

    Power supply. For that number of GPUs which will be fairly low end I would suggest Corsair TX650/750
  4. Assuming you have no interest in games, the four GPUs you get will be low power. Not knowing how the grey-screen issue is worked out on the HD5xxx cards yet, I'd probably get nothing stronger than four HD4650s or four 9500GTs. For the PSU, check out Antec Signature; the SG-650 should be plenty. Another good option for even higher efficiency is the Seasonic X-650. Both received excellent reviews at Since you'll likely want a UPS for this business system, be aware that top-quality PSUs like the Signature require true sine wave power, or they'll shut down. An APC SUA700 will work.
  5. Please post using the following format found in this link:

    -After you filled out that and given the details, we'll discuss what parts are best for you, and when you say you run trading, be specific on what software you use, what are your expectations of this new PC, and how this software currently runs the on the PC you are using now. BE VERY SPECIFIC.

    Also, go to this link:

    ^^^^^Look at the Sticky posts at the top of that forum section, there are six of them and they are bold letters, read through all of them, they are great guides about homebuilding a PC.
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