Are all blue ray movies are 1080p?

Ok so i went to best buy to buy the new star trek movie (it was on sale) and i had de idea that every single blue ray was 1080p but when i get to my house and i start playing it it didnt have the same picture quality than in the pianist movie in blue ray specially in humans, and well i have a computer with a 22 inches monitor and a x300 radeon graphics that i believe is not capable of playing even 720p so can someone tell me how can i test this movie if its really 1080p or not all the blue ray movies are ?
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  1. All blu-ray movies are 1080p. However, some (especially older ones) do not have as sharp of an image as others. It depends on several factors, including how the movie was filmed and how it was converted to digital. The Dark Knight is absolutely perfect for example - scenes in that movie are the sharpest I've seen on blu-ray, simply because they were originally filmed in Imax and then scanned at extremely high resolution.
  2. Technically Yes... All movies in Blue Ray are recorded/remastered @ 1080P. I still have to see a movie in Blue-Ray format that is not recorded in 1080P.

    The max resolution you can play a Blue Ray Disc based Movie is 1080P. Thats the resolution of the recorded material on the Blue Ray Disc.

    If your player is not capable of 1080P it will downgrade to 720P, 480P, 480i whatever your player and TV can support.

    What Startrek movie did you purchase the latest movie or remastered old movie?

    Please detail your hardware so we can assess the capability of your PC. List the specis. Include the model number of your Monitor.

    What OS are you using and what Movie Player are you using to Play Blue-Ray Movie.
  3. Ok yes i bought star trek the latest movie is not the older one believe me im a fan and how can it be possible that a movie like the pianist that is like 6 years older than ST has better picture quality ? I really dont understand the blue ray technology another fun part is that i been looking for this movie with the same front than my movie and i didnt find anything on the internet, i think it could be a rare version it cost me like 15 dlls so i think thats weird.
    well im playing this with a LG blue ray that is capable of 1080p im sure about it cuz u can see the option on the menu and in a LG Scarlet tv (1080p) too and well im not gonna write my pc specs because it does not has a blue ray player and another thing is that (correct me if im wrong) but i dont think i can play HD movies in my monitor cuz is not 1920*1080 its 1680*1050 :(
  4. One of the requirement is to have 1080P cable display.

    Well we can't give much assistance without the knowlege of your equipment.
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    As I said, some are just sharper than others. I haven't seen the new star trek in blu ray, so I don't know whether the disk has sharpness problems or whether it's your player.
  6. I have one its super @ 1080P...Got it for $19.00
  7. No, some blu-rays are 1080i

    check out, they will tell you if a particular movie is 1080p or 1080i

    most large recent releases are 1080p, though.
  8. Thanks everyone i was wrong it is 1080 p i didnt notice but my tv has an option that can tell u exactly the res of what is playing and star trek was 1080p so i guess yeah cjl is right tks all.
  9. some r in different HZ also i found some in 60 HZ (better) and if your monitor is 120 hz capable it will upscale it to 120 hz from 60hz and some dvds r only in 24HZ capable.This has to do with shutter control and ghosting. also if you look at the back of the dvd case it should have the specs of video and audio some ie:1080p high def 2.40.1 which is on the high end of the spec and some say 1.16.1 9x16widescreen whick will fill the whole screen but not as intense picture as the one with the bars on the top and bottom of the screen which can be manipulated from your aspect ratio settings .audio will tell u dolby 5.1 etc
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