Need a free software backup solution that will fit my needs

I have a server with two 3 TB raid-1 arrays. I built a second one, which is an exact copy. The second machine is supposed to go in our companies safe room. The first one is utilized by our users during business hours. Both machines have a logical drive assigned to each array. PC-1 has drives E and F and so does PC-2.

What I am looking for is a backup solution that will make a file by file, directory by directory copy of all the files on PC-1's drive E and back them up to PC-2's drive E. And also do the same thing with drive F.

What I have found with Easus is that its possible to select both drives E and F as sources as long as I want to back them up to one location. I do not want to do that. Also I have found some that copy the files into proprietary formats. I am not looking for that either.

I am looking for something that would let me select drive E of PC-1 as a source, and have it back up to drive E of PC-2 every night at say 7pm. A software that would look at any files added (after the initial backup of course) to PC-1's drive E and back those files up to drive E of PC-2. And then let me do the same thing with F.

I've tried Easus and Microsofts backup so far. Instead of just installing every free backup I could find that looked like it might fit my needs I figured I'd ask here first in case someone knew of one off of the top of their heads.

My apologies if this isn't the right spot for the thread. I figured it was either here or Applications / Other Software.


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  1. I have 2 questions:

    1. Do deleted files need to also be deleted on the target system?
    2. Have you ever thought of writing a script that will perform the copy (and deletions if need be)? It can be launched via Scheduled Tasks on a daily basis.
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    I would also suggest this method. Basically just one robocopy command would do exactly what you are asking, just need to read through the switches a bit and setup the task to run at the time you require it. It should be pretty simple to work that out, but repost if you get hung up somewhere.

    Robocopy info

    Robocopy GUI
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  4. Thank you both very much for your replies. It looks like Robocopy will work perfectly.
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