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Currently I am running a stock HP m8307. The default graphics card is the low end nvidia 8400 GS, and I would like to upgrade it to the nvidia 9600 GT. The current power supply is only about 350 Watts and the minimum power supply required for the 9600 GT is 400 Watts Would it be possible to run the 9600 on 350 watts without problems?
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  1. What is the current available on the 12V rail of the PSU? Take a look inside the case there should be a sticker on the side.
  2. The minimum requirement is always exaggerated to account for crappy PSUs. Even with a 9600GT your system probably wouldn't use more than 200W while gaming or benching, though you may pass that if you run fur mark and prim 95 on what would otherwise be idle cores.

    Anyway if your PSU has enough amps on the 12v rail then you should be fine. Personally I would say get a high quality PSU if you can. A 450W Antec, Corsair, or FSP should do just fine.
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