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SandForce SSDs just got a firmware update, which is supposed to solve the BSOD problem that they were having. Has anybody noticed a change? Furthermore, since SandForce speeds are faster than the Marvell controller that the Crucial M4 uses, is it worth it now?

Everybody suggested the M4 due to the reliability issue. However, if the SF firmware update fixed that problem, would it be wise to go with an SF based SSD now?

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  1. It really is hard to tell whether or not that issue has been fixed - supposedly it was.

    You could get a Sandforce based SSD and have it work perfectly.

    Same with the M4.

    But either of them could still have problems down the road. It really does come down to luck (you could get a bad SSD out of 1000's that are being shipped/bought daily).

    But in the end it really doesnt matter. If you did get an SSD and it broke you can always RMA it. Yes it is a pain - but thats the nature of new technology.

    I've been running my Vertex 2 now for at least 6 months now with medium usage - and have yet to have a BSOD (due to the SSD).

    I'm betting the next gen SSD's out next year should be even more reliable than the ones out now.

    I just bit the bullet when I got my SSD - and it crapped out twice on me before a firmware finally fixed it as I stated earlier. But the benefits of having it far out weigh any problems I had with it.
  2. As I tell people, if BSOD, lost data, firmware updates and RMA'ing SSDs doesn't bother you, then an SSD might be for you. Otherwise it may be worth waiting until the SSD vendors sort their crap out because Intel, Crucial, Samsung, OCZ, Corsair, etc. have ALL had issues of one sort or another and no one really knows if these issues are resolved yet.

    People who don't have issues think SSDs are great until then have an issue. Those with constant SSD issues are frustrated and feel helpless in many cases to resolve the problems. As has been the case in recent years more than ever - companies are dumping half-baked hardware and software into the marketplace and making consumers unpaid beta testers. Many people are willing to endure the abuse for the trick-of-the week products so it's quite profitable for companies to crank out crap and try to fix it later if they can and feel like it.
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