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Good afternoon All,

I am new to the build of HTPC and trying to build something for my friend and need some guidance. My buddy wants HTPC that he can connect to his Samsung 1080p 40" LCD and would like to play WOW on it. His main focus is WOW, surfing internet and watching Blu-ray movies. I am was looking at the AMD Phenom X3 or X4 procs and was wondering is that over kill. With that being said should I be concerned with the heat issue that AMD procs make and go Intel. We are not doing solid state because that is out of his budget and looking at 2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Drives. Of coarse Ram is dependent on MOBO Board and the PSU I am not sure what I would need to power it and would be low on noise. Your advice would greatly appreciated.

The case he would like is .

Blue Ray drive for watching and Writing DVDs

Figured this would be good enough for WOW and movies hopefully quiet enoughtoo. If you guys have a better recommendation please do so.
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  1. I meant Phenom II X3 or X4....sorry
  2. It helps if you post the info in a similiar format to the stickied thread "How to ask for new build advice".

    A lot of this depends on the budget, and what he's going to be using as a monitor.

    As far as the CPU, any good dual core would most likely be good enough, but it's always helpful to go higher than good enough, especially with the prices not being that different.

    I would recommend getting a 57xx card, simply for being a little more current.
  3. +1 57xx ....or at least a GTS 250/HD 4850 a HD 4650 is waaaay too lite
  4. His budget is no more than $1100-1300. As mentioned his monitor will be his Samsung TV. I don't know the model number but it is 40" 1080p at 60hz. I see you point at the post "How to ask for new build advice" I would get tired at reading the paragraph. As for the card I did see it but should I be looking for a low profile card due to the case? Should I be looking at HDCP cards?
  5. A suggested config

    Maybe add a Samsung F3 500 for OS drive hehe Best give flatbeds/low profile casings a miss as they severely limit your options in the GPU front ^^
  6. I like what you have better....Saving alot of money too but will either of these 2 case be fine for that GPU?

  7. Both looks too low profile for one and not ideal for a discrete gaming class GPU 24/7 set up for me hehe
  8. This RAM is just a few bucks more and faster: G.Skill ECO DDR3 1333.

    I personally would steer away from media center cases. Many of them are going to be too small for a good GPU, and are often more expensive. With the wide variety of regular cases, you should be able to find a small case that will fit your size needs, and won't look too crazy.
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