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Hey everyone, I just bought my new SSD last night. Kingston HyperX 240gig SATA III SSD :) I am SUPER excited about getting it in this weekend but I have a question or two if y'all don't mind me asking. I have a youtube channel that I do League of Legends guides and commentary on and I use fraps to record post game. Currently I use a 7200rpm WD 1TB HDD that the game is on and I set fraps to record on my external HDD a samsung connected through USB 2.0. I still lagg REALLY REALLY bad during game. I was told that running said game one one HDD and recording to another HDD would stop this problem but it hasn't for me. My question is....why? My SSD will have my OS and many many games on it and I will use the WD HDD as my backup. I got this SSD for the few games I play all the time. Since it's an SSD will I be able to play/record on a single HDD? Or is it the 2.0 USB slowing me down. I dont want to put the games on the HDD and record on the SDD because that defeats the purpose of even getting one lol. Here are my computer specs :

AMD 1100T Hex Core (3.3 GHZ)
GTX 570 Super Clocked
4 gig 1600 ram
Crosshair IV MOBO
1TB HDD WD 7200rpm
H70 Corsair CPU cooler

Specs on the new SSD
Max Sequential Read : Up to 550MB/s (SATA 6Gb/s)
Max Sequential Write: Up to 510MB/s (SATA 6Gb/s)
Controller: SandForce SF-2281
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  1. You have the right idea, but the wrong hardware. You see, while playing off your primary HDD, and recording to your external HDD, you are on the right track. However, where you went wrong was in your use of a USB connected drive. Most USB drives (especially 2.0) can only transfer data at a mere 20-30mb/s and if you are recording with Fraps, you need to write data sometimes up to over 100mb/s while playing 1080p. Your USB connection is bottlenecking your write-speed and that's why you are experiencing lag.
  2. Concur, the through put when writing to a HDD is severly limited with USB 2.
    USB 3 doubles (approx) the write speed) and esata connection is slightly faster than USB3 (spec is lower, but USB3 has a higher overhead).
    The best option would be to get a 3rd small Sata II HDD that has the capacity you need or larger. NOTE a SATA III III drive will NOT be faster even on a sata III port - Just a marketing tool.
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