CPU<S nd MOB,s fsb matching?

well guy ,
i want to upgrade my pc , i have intel dg965ry mobe, and right now , n i want to upgrade my processor on e 7500.
so as i know its must when u r going to upgrade your pc then u shuld must have look on
mobo FSB
pro Fsb

suppose my mobo FSB is 1066
and processor FSB of E7500 is also 1066

so is it sure that it will run great with my mobe,
just looking a clarification. about that,
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    The good news is that it does support the chip's FSB.

    The bad news is that the chip is not officially supported by the board according to Intel's website.

    Inversely I have a Core 2 Duo 1066mhz FSB running in a motherboard that only supports 800mhz so it should work in theory.

    If you have the parts no harm in finding out. If they simply won't switch on if they are not compatible however if you still need to purchase the parts rather look at a E2200 or E2220.
  2. I have the same motherboard running probably with E6420 Core 2 duo :-)
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