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Hey guys i am building a pc and was wondering if you had any recommendations on a relatively inexpensive internal hard drive. I was looking at around 50-90$? no more than 100. I'm not looking for the speediest and best thing. I want around 250-320GB (Higher wouldn't Hurt). If this matters the Power Supply that im planning to get is the SILVERSTONE Strider Essential series ST60F-ES 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply If you have any ideas, please reply. Thanks
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  1. well... i wouldn't buy it now... something happened to taiwan, not sure what. basically the HDDs are extremely high, but when the prices drop be sure to get the Spinpoint F3

    i bought it when it was 60 bucks (including shipping) its now going for 140 + 7 dollar shipping..... lolwhat?
  2. ^Thailand flood, not Taiwan

    I would put the build on halt and wait until HDD price goes down or buy SSD.
  3. shamoltel, hold off buying a harddrive, put up with an old one for the time being if you can!
    due to recent flooding in thailand (not taiwan) global harddrive production has taken a steep nosedive (something like 70% of hardrives are made there), and that means existing stocks are running low and thus prices are skyrocketing. in fact i bought three hardrives a month ago for $100/ea, they're now going for $230!

    prices will come back down once thailand can get it's factories back up and running and stock get replenished, but that could be some months.
  4. Oh okay i think ill just wait. Thanks!
  5. Right all harddrives raised up to 400%

    Seagate is full manufacturing in thailand and all hard drives rigth now in the factory are completely under water

    They are estimating to begin the manufacturing again in march which may get delayed
    and you have to add lead time

    At the moment my suggestion is to not buy a harddrive
    Like yesterday bestbuy had a 2tb green seagate retail for 80$ one per customer. Those are good to buy. Same with amazon they have all these 1 per customer deals.

    Solid state drives go on sale pretty often with regates
    OCZ Sata 3 256 gb for only like 250$ or less sometimes

    if you have the money to invest Id really suggest these
    Other wise wait for those 1 per customer deals

    hope this helps
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