How Much Is My Computer Worth

Hello, how much is my computer worth today? it is a hp pavilion a645c bundle
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  1. I wouldnt pay over $100 for it, then again i probably wouldnt buy it at all.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Is good for surf the web and watching movies. (not HD)
  3. i'd be surprised if u could get it out of ur hair - welcome to the forums - $100 is a lil too much. Good to surf the net but then again y dont u network with a new Rig (which u mite get) and the new rig serves as the mdia centre/gaming rig while the one u have now is dedicated to net use/downloads. Throw a new dvd burner or a flash labeler in the hp and voila u have ur content to go!
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