Pls Help can't overclock MSI H55M-E32

I recently bought i3 530 and an MSI H55M-E32 Mobo.

Problem is when I go to bios to change the CPU Base frequency, I cant. It's Greyed out and i cant select it. :(
i originally had bios version 17.1 and i thought it was w the bios version so i've updated it to 17.4 (Latest on MSI website) but unfortunately that didn't fix my problem..

I bought this because i know that i3 530 can be easily be OC and with the my tight budget, i knew this was a good way for me to go. :(

My ram is G Skill 2x4gb CL7 1333

please can anyone help?
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  1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Has anyone ever OCed this board?
    I don't think it is with my procie right?

  2. Maybe your board doesn't allow you to overclock. BTW I didn't see anything about overclocking on their website either.
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